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Kurt’s Bisexuality Speech

I don’t really understand all the hate that is directed at Glee right now for what Kurt said. Well, to be clear, I do understand it, but, I also see where he, Kurt, is coming from. As a gay teen Kurt at one time must have been very confused about who he was, as is seen in Season 1 episode 18, when he goes and kisses/dates Brittany. So I just saw what he said from his point of view. He experimented with women, but is now sure in his sexuality as a gay man, now Blaine has gone and done it and come to the same conclusion. 

I for one definitely believe there are more than two definite sexual orientations and there are even variations within the sexuality you identify with (anybody ever heard of Kinsey?)

I just don’t think that people looked enough into his experiences to see what he has lived, doesn’t mean he’s right, doesn’t mean what he said is true, it’s just what a fictional character with a fictional background has lived and seen.

Chill people, chill.

I took it with a grain of salt and laughed a bit, s’all good.

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