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Kurt’s Bisexuality Speech

I don’t really understand all the hate that is directed at Glee right now for what Kurt said. Well, to be clear, I do understand it, but, I also see where he, Kurt, is coming from. As a gay teen Kurt at one time must have been very confused about who he was, as is seen in Season 1 episode 18, when he goes and kisses/dates Brittany. So I just saw what he said from his point of view. He experimented with women, but is now sure in his sexuality as a gay man, now Blaine has gone and done it and come to the same conclusion. 

I for one definitely believe there are more than two definite sexual orientations and there are even variations within the sexuality you identify with (anybody ever heard of Kinsey?)

I just don’t think that people looked enough into his experiences to see what he has lived, doesn’t mean he’s right, doesn’t mean what he said is true, it’s just what a fictional character with a fictional background has lived and seen.

Chill people, chill.

I took it with a grain of salt and laughed a bit, s’all good.

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Just, wow, wow. I expected awesome because of Darren but all that awesome rolled in to one made me gasp aloud more than once. And that kiss made me drop my knitting like bam!


p.s. Will stop foolin’ with the other teachers, not cool.

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